This page is a sort of rolling news page. Anything to do with site issues - and their resolution will be reported here.

As a result of some recent copyright infringement issues, certain file hosting services (for example MegaUpload) have experienced a forced exodus of their law abiding customers. The departing customers have been looking elsewhere for alternative file hosting capability, and selected - you guessed it, the same provider as I use for the files I make available on this blog (FileFactory). This has resulted in a three-fold increase in network traffic for FileFactory. Filefactory are in the process of increasing their available network and storage capacity (including the installation of new cabling, network switches and storage arrays), but the process may take another week or so to complete. In the interim period, file downloads may well be slow or fail completely. I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause - and no, this is not another free service - this one does actually cost!

Sometime between Monday (23/1) and Tuesday (24/1) of this week, the data layers on my wind farm map 'broke', with the result that I was restricted to the number of layers and/or objects I could display. I selected some basic layers whilst the problem was investigated so at least something was visible. The individual layer data files have now been moved to another server, and normal service has now been resumed. I apologise for any inconvenience caused - but this sort of thing does happen from time to time with free services!

There appears to be a problem with the individual layers of my wind farm map. Whilst I am not sure when this happened, I know it was at least after Sunday as I updated and fully tested the map then. I will investigate and post back when I have news.

The wind farm map page has been tweaked so that only the map key, summary or statistics are on display immediately below the map itself. This is controllable from a set of links below the map. I have also added a new section that details the weekly map updates which is viewable from the same links that control the key, summary and statistics view selection.

Google have now fixed the issue whereby commnets were not appearing on blogger blog static pages. Consequently, the Feedback page is now back and working as before.

Approximately 85 photomontage, wireframe and thumbnail images of the proposed Assel Valley wind farm 'dropped' off the end of the server at sometime during the last week. I have no idea why this happened. The missing images have now all been re-uploaded and the indexing page rebuilt and tested - it now works and looks as it should do. I have also taken the opportunity to clean up the page a bit so that only the thumbnails relevant to the selected viewpoint are visible. Initial page loading times are still a little slow, but I cannot do anything about this since I am limited to just 20 static pages with this blog - hey, its a free service so I can't complain!

There is a problem with the feedback comments appearing on the Feedback page. This is a 'google problem' - they have broken something behind the scenes that I cannot fix or influence. They are aware of the problem and will fix it 'in their own sweet time' I'm afraid. The comments all still exist - I can see them and hopefully they will reappear and be visible to you sooner rather than later.