Sunday, 8 January 2012

A warm welcome to 2012!

Well, the Christmas and New Year are finally receding memories for me now - so it is back to business; normal service will now be resumed. I hope your festive season was as enjoyable as mine.

I think 2012 will be a pivotal year for South Carrick and its windfarms. First off, we should see decisions on Breaker Hill and Assel Valley in fairly short order. PNE Wind Ltd claim to have submitted their planning application for Tralorg Hill (although I can still find no reference to it in South Ayrshire's planning system) and doubtless, ecotricity will in all probability submit their planning application for Straid. So, we could well see decisions on as many as four potential developments this year - and perhaps Kilgallioch will finally be decided as well to make a nice round five.

Pressure is now mounting in Holyrood thanks to the efforts of CATS and those MSPs who are prepared to pin their colours to the 'sensible' mast by starting to openly question the sanity of our incumbent Scottish government. Those who oppose the inappropriate sighting of windfarms may be regarded as the 'vocal minority' - but the silent majority are now starting to wake up to the consequences of the relentless pace of windfarm rollouts, the (in)effectiveness of our current energy policy and the price we as a society are going to have to pay for these ludicrous follies. As if to underline the implementation of this crazy policy, we've had yet another turbine failure. But its OK after all, this one (like the others) was caused by 'freak weather' - freak weather that has so far occurred 4 times in 4 weeks. Now THAT's Freaky! The article I have linked to contains a number of inaccuracies - but Im sure you'll get the gist of it!

More dark clouds are gathering on the horizon for South Carrick and its immediate surrounds. During my trawl through Dumfries and Galloway's planing system earlier today, I came across a scoping request for a 20 (126.5 m , or 415 feet blade tip elevation) turbine development for Airies Farm (D&G planning reference 11/E/1/0127). I have always been highly suspicious of the lone met' mast down by Artfield Fell. For good reason it appears. This 1,100 acre site is slated to output up to 46MW. Since the scoping opinion includes a development boundary and turbine positions, I will be updating my map and all of my statistics to include this new beast. These changes will be included in my map update next weekend.

Later this week, I will be publishing links to the Glenchamber wind farm Environmental Statement - even though consent for this development was refused by Dumfries and Galloway Council last year. This is because the longer we hear nothing from the developers (RES), the more likely it is that they will appeal the refusal - in my opinion.

So, feel free to stop by regularly in the coming weeks and months - I'll continue to do my level best to keep the facts flowing and sprinkle in some of my opinionated rants along the way.

Happy 2012.