Sunday, 15 January 2012

Stranoch wind farm # 1

Well, new year - new wind farm!

Whilst trawling through Dumfries and Galloway's planning database, I cam across an approved planning application for 2 80 metre met' masts that I hadn't encountered before. Sometimes, planning applications do seem to vanish and then re-appear in these systems and I suspect this is what happened here. Anyway, the two met masts are some distance apart, and are sighted between the Kilgallioch and Glenapp & Loch Ree proposals, and just south of Arecleoch:

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The met' masts are the white flages in the middle of the map. The distance between the masts indicates a sizeable potential development with an approximate hub height of 262 feet (80 metres). No further information beyond this is available, except that the proposal is another Wind Prospect Ltd development. The Dumfries and Galloway planning application references for these applications are 11/P/1/0362 and 11/P/1/0363.