Thursday, 26 January 2012

Kilgallioch wind farm # 4

Scottish Power Renewables have amended their proposal for the Kilagllioch wind farm. I was aware that some changes were 'in the wind' but until today had no detail. In essence, the main changes are:

  • Total number of turbines has been reduced to 99 (down from 132)
  • Two turbines have had their maximum blade tip elevation reduced to 125 meres
  • Total length of proposed access track has reduced from approximately 92 km to approximately 69 km
  • Total number of proposed watercourse crossings has reduced from 68 to 51
  • Land take up (the area occupied by turbine foundations, tracks, control infrastructure etc) has been reduced in area to 68 hectares (168 acres) from 93 (229 acres)
  • Volume of material required for track construction reduced to 750,000m3 from 1,020,000m3
  • Installed capacity reduced to 297 MW

The text of the non-technical summary of this addendum can de download from here, whilst the new layout proposal can be downloaded from here. I tend not to be a great fan of these 'abridged' documents, but in this case the non-technical summary is worth reading since it does explain a lot of the rationale behind the scaling back of the overall proposal.

I will be amending the layout for this proposed development on my map and updating the area statistics over the coming weekend. I will also be publishing links to all the documents that constitute the addendum as soon as is practical.

Whilst it is good to see the scale of this proposal being reduced, it still constitutes a huge piece of wanton vandalism. To get an idea of how the scale of the development has been reduced, have a look at the following picture:

The red lines show the extent of the original boundary, and the black lines the new boundary. The new area of development encompasses a total of 9,404 acres (3,806 ha). As can be seen from the picture above, most of the areas that have been removed from the development proposal are non-forested areas.