Sunday, 29 January 2012

Dowhill turbine # 2

On January 24 2012, the Local Review Board (LRB) sat in judgement of the appeal lodged in support of the planning application subtmitted for a single 77 metre (262 feet) wind turbine in the area of Dowhill Farm. It decided to overturn South Ayrshire Council planning department's rejection of the original application, essentially deciding that:

"Taking into account the fact that this is a single turbine and following the site visit the LRB concluded that the scale, siting and setting of the turbine meant that the turbine would not have an unacceptable impact on the locality, landscape character, visual amenity, tourism and recreation interests including Turnberry Caravan Park and Turnberry Golf Course, cultural heritage and that the proposal was considered to support rural diversification."

The full ruling can be found here. This is an important decision - and perhaps one that the councillors that made up the LRB may yet come to regret. Girvan Mains Farm have submitted an application for a single 53.88 metre (176 feet) turbine (SAC planning reference 11/01564/APP), which if approved would be sighted very close to the existing Girvan Community Hospital - so there is now the very real possibility that a 'small wind farm' will be built piece by piece extending along the A77. If the Girvan Mains Farm application is approved we will have three turbines of significant size between Girvan Hospital and Dowhill Farm along the A77 complemented by a nice view of Hadyward Hill in the background - and possibly Tralorg Hill as well. I wonder how many more farmers will note the decorative addition to the A77 and jump on the band waggon?