Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Airies Farm wind farm # 1

This quick post serves as an introduction to a proposed wind farm just over the border in Dumfries and Galloway, located at Airies farm. A planning application for the met' mast associated with this proposal has been with Dumfries and Galloway for some time, but has only recently been approved. The location for this proposal can be determined by looking at the map below - you may need to zoom out a little to get a feel for where it is. Airies farm wind farm is the area right in the centre of the map below:

View South Carrick Wind Farms in a larger map

The Airies farm proposal buts up against Kilgallioch to the north west, and is immediately adjacent to Artfield Fell (to the west). The development to the south west of Airies farm is Glenchamber (which is still on my maps until we hear from the developers about its fate). In its early stages, this proposal is for up to 20 turbines with 425 ft (126.5 m) blade tip elevation, with a maximum installed capacity of 46MW. The area covered by the development boundary is 1,173 acres (475 ha). The only Dumfries and Galloway planning references currently associated with this proposal are: 11/P/1/0370 (for the met' mast) and 11/E/1/0127 for the scoping opinion for. Unfortunately, I cannot provide direct links for these applications since the Dumfries and Galloway e-planning system hasn't been set up in such a way that allows this. The developers for this proposal are a company called 2020 Renewables. The operator for this development (should it be built) is Airies Windfarm Ltd, a wholly owned subsiduary of Vision Renewables - which is a part for 2020 Renewables.

At the time of posting, I haven't included these new statistics or the development area and turbines in my main map; this will done during the normal weekly update at the weekend.

Two documents of note for this potential development are the proposed layout and the scoping response. So, potentially some more follies to people to gaze upon as they wonder the Southern Upland Way.