Sunday, 18 December 2011

Dersalloch wind farm # 1

Below are the links to the Environmental Statement for the Proposed Dersalloch wind farm. This wind farm is located in the Dalmellington area of South Ayrshire. This planning application has been with Central Consents since 2005. I have also included links to the addendum which was submitted towards the end of 2006.

As in previous similar posts, the coffee table summary is the Non Technical Summary and the real detail is contained in the remaining files. The individual chapters and appendices are quite small, so I suggest you download those that are appropriate to your interests and then reference the relevant figures from the drop down selector boxes as required.

Non Technical Summary
2Environmental Impact Assessment
3Site Selection
4Project Description
5Planning Policy
6Landscape and Visual Assessment
7Ecological Assessment
8Ornithological Assessment
9Hydrogeology and Hydrology
10Cultural Heritage Assessment
11Noise Assessment
12Traffic Assessment
13Tourism, Socio-Economic, Recreation and Land Use Assessment
14Other Issues
BBirds Technical Report
COperational Noise Impact Assessment
DPeat Stability Report
Appendix A of Appendix D
Executive Summary
Ornithology Technical Report

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