Thursday, 17 November 2011

Straid wind farm # 10

Its been a few weeks since anything of note has happened with regard to the proposed wind farm at Straid Farm. However, in the last few days ecotricity, the developers, have circulated an invitation to attend another exhibition of their proposed development specifically to showcase their recent layout changes. The exhibition is being held at Lendalfoot Community Hall, on November 24, 2011 between 4PM and 8PM.

Whilst the exhibition in itself is to be applauded - the notice given to local residents is another matter. Since the invitation letters only recently arrived at their destinations, residents would have had at best about 10 days notice of the event. Given that only one exhibition is being held and that is in Lendalfoot, one has to question ecotricity's sincerity through both the timing of the release of the invitations and the lack of a second exhibition in Colmonell. In some ways, the choice of Lendalfoot for just a single exhibition is logical. However, a single exhibition such as this sends a strong message to the residents of Colmonell (one that I'm sure you do not need me to spell out), particularly when one considers that Colmonell was included in the first iteration of exhibitions. ecotricity also appear to have rather upset the local Community Council. Never a dull moment in the ongoing transition of South Carrick and its immediate surrounds into one colossal wind farm!