Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The Economics of Renewables - Conference

The recent conference in Ayr was without doubt a success. However, there is another conference due to be held on December 13, 2011 entitled The Economics of Renewables. The half day conference is being organised by The Scotsman Conferences and costs £99+VAT a head to attend. Not cheap - but that price perhaps starts to put the great value offered by the Ayr conference into perspective.

There is an interesting mix of speakers, including the Energy and Tourism minister:


8.55am: David Lee & Bill Jamieson, conference chairs

The Government View:
9.00am: The role of renewables in the energy mix
Fergus Ewing MSP, Minister for Energy, Enterprise and Tourism
9.20am: Q&A

The Big Picture:
9.25am: Building a long-term, sustainable industry: renewable energy and Scotland’s future economic health
Prof Jim McDonald, Principal, University of Strathclyde, and co-chair of the Energy Advisory Board
9.40am: How can we address the high cost of renewable energy?
Prof Gordon Hughes, Professor of Economics, University of Edinburgh, and author of The Myth of Green Jobs
10.00am: Q&A

Renewables, Jobs & Investment:
10.15am: Renewable energy and its role in a long-term economic development strategy
Graeme Blackett, Managing Director, BiGGAR Economics Ltd (author of 2011 report on energy policy in Scotland)
10.35am: Overstating the case for job creation through renewables in Scotland
Richard Marsh, Verso Economics, co-author of Worth The Candle? The Economic  Impact of Renewable Energy Policy in Scotland and the UK
10.55am: Q&A

11.05am-11.25am – Coffee break

Who pays? Renewables and Consumers:
11.30am: The costs to consumers of Scotland's renewable energy policies
Prof Tony Mackay, author of Prospects for Scotland's Energy Industry, 2011-2020
11.50pm: The myth of the renewables bogeyman – an industry view
Niall Stuart, Chief Executive, Scottish Renewables
12.10pm: Q&A

Looking to the future: Can we bring down costs?:
12.20pm: How oil and gas can help drive down the cost of offshore renewables
Scottish Enterprise: Adrian Gillespie, Director of Energy and Low Carbon Technologies & David Butler, Market Analysis Manager
12.40pm: Innovation, competition and de-politicised regulation: the recipe for bringing down the cost of renewables
Prof George Yarrow, Chairman, Regulatory Policy Institute and former board member, Ofgem.

1.00pm Panel Discussion:
David Wilson, Director for Energy & Climate Change, Scottish Government
Dr John Constable, Director of Policy & Research, Renewable Energy Foundation
Richard Marsh, Verso Economics
Adrian Gillespie, Scottish Enterprise
1.30pm: Q&A and closing remarks, followed by networking lunch

It's a pity the price of this conference may well exclude some of the very people who are most affected by the implementation of some of the government's renewable energy policies. Still, if you are in Edinburgh and have the necessary 'folding' spare in your pocket and are interested in the economics of the renewables industry, attending this short event could prove to be a valuable use of your time.