Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Breaker Hill wind farm # 8

We finally have sight of the additional data supplied by Wind Prospect Ltd with regard to the Breaker Hill wind farm planning application. Below are a series of links to the additional files:

Most of the files are pretty small, with the exception of the Wetland Hydroecology Investigation, the Landscape & Visual Assessment Figures and Appendices 1-3 of Appendix 3-1 (!) which each weigh in at around 10MB.

You may comment on this additional data (probably best to do this via the South Ayrshire Council website, via this link) - but, ONLY the additional data. If your comment strays beyond the boundary of the contents of these files, you will compromise your right to speak at the Regulatory Panel - when that finally comes around. So, be careful what you say should you feel the need to make comment on this additional material.