Saturday, 5 November 2011

Breaker Hill wind farm # 7

In a sign of apparent desperation, it appears that the developers of the proposed Breaker Hill wind farm (or at least their representatives) have been out in force in Ayr today - trying to cajole people into signing a petition of support. What good this will do I don't know; such a document is not submittable to the planning process as far as I am aware since the planner's report has been completed and therefore, this document would likely be regarded as new 'evidence' (although I am quite prepared to be corrected on that point).

This tactic has been used by other developers. Generally, the approach taken is to choose a location some distance from the proposed development and which has a sizeable population. Then, generic questions surrounding renewable energy are asked, leading the individual who has been accosted towards a general statement of agreement with the principle of renewable energy. The site of interest is then introduced at which point the pivotal question is pitched: "Do you think development xyz is a good idea?". If the response is in the affirmative, the accosted individual is asked to sign the petition. Good grief.

So, just how far is Ayr from Breaker Hill? 26.4 miles actually. Lets hope that the people being stopped where shown copies of the Environmental Statement and made fully aware of the facts of the proposed development, including all of the planning policies the South Ayrshire Council planners state it contravenes. Somehow, I doubt it.

I wonder if they stopped any of the councillors who sit on the Regulatory Panel?