Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Straid wind farm # 8

The lean, mean, green, spinning machine of ecotricity seems to have spun into action again; unfortunately, it appears to be on suck rather than blow. An apparent mistake in ecotricity's last newsletter has caused quite a few column inches of negative publicity in the printed edition of the Carrick Gazette today, and unfortunately most of those negative waves are splashed across the front page (the electronic version of this article can be found here). The mistake appears to be the turbine elevations that the newsletter contained - apparently, they aren't now going to be 410 feet tall (as reported in my post entitled Straid wind farm # 7) - just 326 feet. Ohh, that's OK then. Those carefully crafted ecotricity press release suddenly don't seem to count for much. Still, I suppose it could happen to anyone, after all - it was only a newsletter whose primary function is supposed to be to keep people informed - nothing important then. In the interests of trying to keep my map accurate, I shall be updating the proposed turbine elevations to what ecotricity now say they should be. Of course, should the need arise, I will amend them again in the future.

It was a pity that ecotricity didn't take the opportunity during their recent corrective mailing to correct the 'average number of households' the proposed Straid wind farm could supply, or answer the question that they posed with regard to whether the residents of Lendalfoot will actually hear the wind farm in operation or not. Additionally, ecotricity don't seem to be aware that the First Minister now expects Scotland to generate the equivalent of 100% of its electricity consumption by 2020 through renewable resources. Perhaps the residents will receive another mailing with these corrections.

Still, after all the careful design and attention to detail we keep hearing about, I'm sure the future of the community of Lendalfoot is in safe hands with ecotricity....