Monday, 17 October 2011

Sclenteuch wind farm # 1

This is the first post about a potential wind farm to the north west of Dersalloch (it's the northern most white flag on the thumbnail map below):

View South Carrick Wind Farms in a larger map

I spent a chunk of Sunday reviewing all of the planing applications received by South Ayrshire Council over the last three years - primarily as a final check on the small turbine situation and stumbled across a recent application for a meteorological mast. Its an application that hasn't yet been decided. Curiously, I haven't seen a Pre Application Notice (PAN) for this potential wind farm so I have no idea of the turbine size or layout. The only thing I can say is that met' masts are often a good indication of hub height and this one is 262 feet (80 metres) tall. I wouldn't want to speculate beyond that.

The developers are RES, the same company behind the Glenchamber application that was recently refused by Dumfries and Galloway Council. I have updated the Current Planning Links in the right hand side bar of this blog, the Object! page and the map summary to reflect this new menace. The South Ayrshire Council planning reference for this mast is 11/01006/APP.