Sunday, 2 October 2011

Hill of Ochiltree wind farm # 2

Below are posted the links to the Environmental Statement documents for the proposed Hill of Ochiltree wind farm. As with similar posts in the past, this is a one-off document structure. I have therefore attempted to lay it out in a 'logical' manner. None of the files in this listing are very big - certainly not in comparison to some of the files I have posted before!

Just as before, the coffee table summary is the Non Technical Summary and the real detail is contained in the remaining files. If you want the nitty gritty, I suggest you download the Written Text file (8.2MB), and then reference the relevant figures and appendices as appropriate.

5Environmental Statement - Non technical Summary
2Environmental Statement - Written Text
3Environmental Statement - Figures and Plans
4Environmental Statement - Appendicies
Appendix 1
1.1 - Request for Scoping Opinion
1.2 - Scoping Responses
Appendix 3
3.1 - Access Track Study
3.2 - Outline Construction Statement
Appendicies 6 & 7
6.1 - Gazeteer Of Sites And Monuments Within The Development Area
6.2 - Gazeteer Of External Receptors
6.3 - Gazeteer Of Sites And Monuments Within 100m Of Access Road
7.1 - LVIA Methodology
7.2 - Cumulative LVIA With Glenvernoch Fell
Appendicies 8 - 13
8.1 - Phase 1 Target Notes
8.3 - NVC Survey
8.5 - Avian Technical Appendix
9.1 - Peat Slide Risk Assessment
9.2 - Carbon Balance Calculations
13.1 - EMI Consultations
13.2 - Aviation Impact Assessment

The photomontages are contained within figures 7.7a - 7.18c, with a viewpoint key located in figure 7.6. To get the 'full effect' of the photomontages, you should set your pdf viewer to 'Actual Size'. I cannot include instructions on how to do this, as their are so many different PDF viewers, I would be here until doomsday explaining all the possibilities (even if I knew what they were).

I have to give some credit to eon; most of these files were available from their project website - and I only had to split down one file. It would be nice to see other developers taking a similar approach - well, you can but hope. If you feel the need to obtain a full copy of the entire EIA, please get in touch via the 'Get in Touch' link at the top of the blog, and I'll see what can be arranged.

Finally, if you are receiving this post via email you'll probably find the drop down lists don't work for you. This is as a result of the code used to 'power' them. If you wish to access the documents listed in the drop down lists and are having trouble with them from within your email client, please visit the blog where you shouldn't encounter any such problems. If anyone encounters ANY OTHER problems with the download links, please let me know via the 'Get in Touch' link at the top of the blog.