Friday, 7 October 2011

Hadyard Hill wind farm extension # 1

It seems a little weird posting for the first time about a wind farm that already exists and is fully operational. Unfortunately, this post serves as an introduction - to the potential expansion of Hadyard Hill. Hadyard Hill is a development that sits to the south east of Old Dailly, currently occupies approximately 2900 acres of land and hosts 52 turbines. It is operated by Scottish & Southern Energy, and featured very highly in the Renewable Energy Foundation's recent report with regard to Constraint Payments. The positions of the two proposed meteorological masts are shown on the map below as red flags on a white background:

View South Carrick Wind Farms in a larger map

So, the plan is to head out to the east then - and by the positioning and spacing of the flags, with quite a few more turbines. The South Ayrshire Council planning references for the two masts are: 11/01223/APP & 11/01222/APP. Each application relates to just one mast, but both are for a period of 5 years. One mast is 229 feet (70m) tall, and the other is 262 feet (80m) tall.

Now, please spend 8 minutes of your life watching the following film about Hadyard Hill. It was made by David Baldwin who lives approximately 950 metres away from a turbine at Hadyard Hill as it currently exists. It is significant for a number of reasons:

  • It highlights the misinformation that is frequently used by the renewables energy industry with regard to the background noise levels that can be expected when you find yourself a wind farm neighbour. Pay close attention to the noise meter, and how close to 45 decibels it gets.
  • It rather destroys the theory that shadow flicker is only likely to be an issue at distances of up to 10 rotor diameters and only of concern inside a property.
  • It highlights the nuisance factor that exists around such locations (nuisance is not covered by any protective legislation by the way).
  • The creator was in support of wind energy prior to the development.

David is looking to re-shoot the inside parts to better show the effects of shadow flicker now we are headed into winter - which is the time of year when shadow flicker can be a really significant problem. I have included direct planning links in the right hand side bar of this blog for these planning applications, and updated the Object! page to reflect these masts. Please consider objecting to these masts; hasn't Hadyard Hill inflicted enough misery as it currently stands?