Monday, 31 October 2011

Dowhill turbine # 1

In an interesting twist, a proposed turbine in the area around Dowhill Farm which was originally refused consent back in July 2011 has surfaced once more - in the form of an appeal (South Ayrshire Council planning reference 11/00617/APP). This single turbine is of significant physical size (252 feet or 77m), and is thus afforded the colour of blue on my map. The turbine wasn't plotted on my map before simply because it had been refused so long ago that it was assumed to be a 'dead application'. How wrong can you be? I have now added this turbine to my map. It is essentially opposite FMC, set back from Pond Cottage.

The following documents all relate to this appeal:

The appeal is essentially a closed process and all we can do is sit back and observe the wheels of local government in action. However, the outcome of the appeal will be significant for a couple of reasons, if the original decision is overturned. The first is that other large, individual turbines were proposed along the A77 - and some of these applications may also surface once more, on appeal. Secondly, this I believe is the first time a wind turbine decision by South Ayrshire Council has been challenged. Interesting times indeed.