Monday, 24 October 2011

Breaker Hill wind farm # 6

The situation with regard to the Breaker Hill wind farm debacle has now been clarified - at least partially. From what I know, South Ayrshire Council have been trying to bring this application to a conclusion for some while. In respect of this, the developers had been asked to submit some additional information, which up until very recently had not been forthcoming - despite requesting three extensions to the planning consideration period. Since the additional information was originally requested by South Ayrshire Council, they (South Ayrshire Council) appear to have no real option but to accept the finally submitted data with grace, at least from a legal perspective. So, we have a postponement on the decision until at least the end of January 2012.

This postponement has resulted in a disgraceful waste of Council resources and demonstrates an incredible lack of professionalism and sensitivity by Wind Prospect Ltd. At a time when Council budgets and resources are stretched beyond reasonable limits, this company seems quite happy to squander those desperately needed resources whilst they faff around. Just the panel postponement mailing would have cost South Ayrshire Council approaching £300 - and that would have been just the postage. A huge amount of effort has gone into trying to bring this application to a conclusion, and I can only imagine how the staff of South Ayrshire feel about this situation. The residents of Pinmore, Pinwherry, Colmonell and the surrounding areas will also now be subject to a further period of uncertainty, one they have had to endure quite literally for around 8 years. With an already deeply unpopular proposal, Wind Prospect Ltd appear to be digging themselves deeper and deeper into a PR disaster but like so many other developers, they don't really seem to care about the ramifications of their (in)actions and the misery they seem to create with such ease.

Whilst no decision will be made with regard to the application on October 27th, the Regulatory Panel will be updated with regard to the situation. It should also be noted that at this meeting, no opportunity to speak with regard to the application will be afforded those who have made representations. Therefore if you intended to travel to the meeting in an effort to claim your few minutes of 'fame', you will need to postpone your plans until at least January 2012. I will of course post again when a new panel date is set.

Once the new data has been placed in the public domain, I will post again with its contents - perhaps then we will finally be in a position to see what all the procrastination has been about.