Saturday, 22 October 2011

Breaker Hill wind farm # 5

Unfortunately, it appears we will not now get a decision on the proposed Breaker Hill wind farm at next week's South Ayrshire Council regulatory panel meeting. Despite having two years, the developers (Wind Prospects Developments Ltd) have waited until just a few days before the panel was due to make a decision before submitting some late information. This new information now apparently needs to go through a phase of 'public availability' before being considered by the planners - which ultimately means we may well not now see a decision on this proposal in 2011.

There is some concern over the legality of this postponement since it appears this additional information was submitted after the latest time that new information could ordinarily be considered for submission. Further clarification on the legal position will unfortunately have to wait until Monday although the mailing sent out by South Ayrshire Council yesterday clearly states that a decision regarding Breaker Hill will not be made this coming Thursday. I will post again on this topic on Monday once the situation has been clarified, and make the additional information submitted to South Ayrshire Council available as soon as I can.

This is an immensely frustrating move by Wind Prospect, and one which shows the general lack of sensitivity often displayed by wind farm developers after all, this potential development has only been floating around in one form or other for what, 7 or 8 years now?