Friday, 7 October 2011

Breaker Hill wind farm # 3

It seems the sword of Damocles that is the Breaker Hill wind farm panning application has started to move once more - although in which direction it is headed is still uncertain. We now know however, that this planning application will be heard by the South Ayrshire Council Planning Regulatory Panel, on Thursday October 27 2011.

The Breaker Hill application is unlikely to be the only item on the agenda; other planning applications may well be heard as well. Unfortunately, a running order isn't published in advance, so if you want to attend the Breaker Hill hearing you have no option but to turn up in good time and wait patiently.

We haven't yet had a start time confirmed, but these events usually kick off at 10:00AM sharp. Additionally, we haven't had a location confirmed but these events are usually held at The County Buildings, Wellington Square, Ayr. Should either of these two assumptions prove wrong, I will make an additional post with the appropriate changes. I imagine this will be a popular event, and space is limited. As a consequence, I strongly suggest you arrive early to avoid disappointment.

If you objected to this proposal you will receive, next week, a copy of the planning officer's report and recommendations. We don't yet know what the report will contain but whatever the contents, it is important to the process to let the Panel know that a lot of people care about this application - so please consider attending the hearing. Additionally, objectors (and supporters) may be given the opportunity to speak a few words and providing moral support for those brave enough to stand up and be heard is important.

I for one am glad to see this application moving forward, potentially to a conclusion - it has been a painfully LONG and drawn out process to get to this point. Once the planning officer's recommendation has been made public, I will re-post with that news.