Sunday, 4 September 2011

Tralorg Hill wind farm # 1

This is the first post concerning a potential 9 turbine wind development known as Tralorg Hill wind farm. Tralorg Hill is on the Eastern face of the hill complex that dominates the landscape to the East of Girvan. Below is a map showing the proposed development boundary:

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If you are not sure exactly where this is, zoom out a little by clicking the minus button or drag the map with your mouse. The map above demonstrates the first obvious issues with the Tralorg Hill site; it is immediately adjacent to the existing Hadyard Hill development and also shares a common boundary with the proposed Assel Valley wind farm. The Assel Valley wind farm planning application has been submitted to South Ayrshire for consideration, and the planning details can be found here.

To get a better idea of the proposed location, here is a picture of the Tralorg and Camregan Hill area, taken from a point approximately 200 yards along from the Penkill Castle turn-in, on the unclassified Pinmore road:

This picture only shows the Eastern face of Tralorg and Camregan Hills and their immediate surrounds, but it should be pretty clear this hill section is a dominant feature in the area. The area of development encompasses all of the land stretching back from the strip of bright green grass in the centre right of the picture up to, including and beyond the summit of the hills. If you continue along this road towards Pinmore, within a very short distance you start to encounter the Hadyard Hill turbines on your left that totally dominate the skyline and give a good indication of the scale of what is proposed for Tralorg Hill. The turbines at Hadyard Hill (at 110 metres or 260 ft) are just 10 metres taller than those proposed for the Tralorg Hill wind farm.

Until we see photomontages of the finalised layout, it is difficult to predict the view that will be presented to Girvan if this development goes ahead. However, I very much doubt the turbines will be invisible to the residents, and will likely complement the view of the Hadyard Hill wind farm motorists already enjoy to their left as they approach Girvan from the North along the A77.

The current development proposal is understood to be for 9 100 metre (328 ft) turbines spread over an area of approximately 799 acres (323 Ha). Precise details of turbine locations etc. are as yet unavailable as the developers have yet to submit their planning application. A web site has been set up by the developers, containing precisely 2 pages and a contact form. Additionally, the interactive map doesn't err, interact so the second page is pretty useless. The developer, PNE Wind UK Ltd is the UK subsidiary of the German wind farm developer PNE AG.

If you would like to make your feelings known about this potential development, you should contact a member of Girvan Community Council since at the time of posting, a planning application had not been submitted.