Sunday, 11 September 2011

Straid wind farm # 4

ecotricity have now made available a set of photomontages for the proposed Straid wind farm, so if you didn't make it to one of the fleeting exhibitions held at the end of August, you can at least get your latest fix of information right here.

There are a couple of points to note about these photomontages. The first is that you should notice how washed out the sky is in most of the views. Have a close look at page 3 (viewpoint C). In the top 'before' image the whole picture is noticeably darker than in the bottom 'after' image. This has the effect of ensuring the turbines are not as visible as they would otherwise be. And just to check, I cropped the same area of sky in both images and ran them through colour analysis software; they are indeed different colours.

Next, have a look at page 4 (viewpoint D); that is some seriously washed out sky. The same lightening of the 'after' image is also apparent as with the previous picture.

Finally, page 5 (viewpoint E). Once again, the 'after' images are lighter than the 'before' images. Also, note that this viewpoint is 2.4 Kilometres from the nearest turbine and was taken from a point in the area around Carlton Fisheries.

Apart from the obvious shortcomings I have already noted, why were no montages prepared from within Lendalfoot itself - you know, the bit where the bulk of the houses are, where the A77 actually cuts through the village and where the turbines will be really hard to miss?