Thursday, 8 September 2011

Knoweside Hill wind farm # 2

Here's a turn up for the books. On Thursday 8 September 2011, I received notification that the Knoweside Hill wind farm application had been withdrawn. The reasons for the withdrawal of the application have not been circulated. I imagine the news will in general, be received with a degree of relief. The vast majority of Community Councils that submitted representations were in support of the application but I am not convinced that the majority of the population in the area were really in support of this proposed development. As a refresher, this was the proposed area of development:

View South Carrick Wind Farms in a larger map

I will be removing the Knoweside Hill wind farm area from my wind farm map shortly - although it will still be viewable when the next map layer update is rolled out in a couple of weeks time - it will join Lamdoughty as a 'dead wind farm'.

In the meantime, it is perhaps worth considering why the application was withdrawn. I will endeavour to obtain a copy of the planning officer's report, and will post with any interesting comments by the planning officer it may contain. If you are in receipt of a copy of the report and are happy to let me see it, please get in touch via the 'Get in touch' link at the top of this blog.

In the meantime, I think a collective sigh of relief is in order with regard to this news - we can only wonder what the implications are now for the other proposed wind farm developments in the South Carrick area.