Sunday, 25 September 2011

Breaker Hill wind farm # 2

Below are links to all of the documents of the Environmental Statement for the proposed Breaker Hill wind farm. There are approaching 200 files here, and they have been split out from the original files which ranged in size from 660MB to 880MB. The Environmental Statement contains pretty much everything you could want to know about the proposed Breaker Hill wind farm.

If you just want the coffee table summary, then the Non technical Summary is for you. Otherwise, the environmental statement document is quite small (<3MB), but has a large number of pages. Some of the photomontage files are still quite big (figures 6.9a - 6.42). However, I will be producing easier to access versions of all EIA photomontages in the very near future that'll be far smaller and a lot easier to access.

Quite a few of these photomontages contain white horizontal banding which is a result of how the original pdf files were rendered and have not been caused by me splitting out the individual images. Where present, the banding does to an extent interfere with the interpretation of the images. If you find it hard to judge the images affected by the banding, I strongly suggest you contact Wind Prospect Developments Ltd, and ask for better versions of the affected images.

1Non Technical Summary
(NB Figure 5 files are 40 - 50MB each)
Environmental Statement
(NB Figures 6.9a - 6.15 are 40 - 50MB each)
(NB Figures 6.16 - 6.26 & 6-32-633a are 40 - 50MB each)
(NB Figures 6.33b - 6.42b are 40 - 50MB each)

22.1 Forestry Review and Proposals
2.2 Siemens SWT 1.3MW Turbine Specifications
2.3 Design Statement
2.4 Swept Path Figures
33.1 Scotlands Climate Change Declaration
3.2 Forestry Carbon Payback
44.1 Site Appraisal Figures
4.2 Newsletter
4.3 Questionnaire
4.4 Questionnaire Responses
4.5 Scoping Response
4.6 Environmental Baseline Data
55.1 Scotways Correspondence
5.2 Galloway Forest Park Leaflet
5.3 Tourist Accommodation Assessment
66.1 Computer Modelling and Analysis Methodology
6.2 Area of Theoretical Visibility of Potential Turbine
6.3 Wireframes from Selected Residential Receptors
77.2 Target Notes for Phase 1 Survey
7.3 IEEM Evaluation Matrices
7.4 Ecological Surveys
7.5 Lendalfoot Hills Complex SAC Citation
7.6 Bird Survey Vantage Point Viewsheds
88.1 Internal Cultural Heritage Receptors
8.2 External Cultural Heritage Receptors
99.1 Hydrology & Hydrogeology A. Photographic Records of the Site
9.2 Hydrology & Hydrogeology B. FEH Catchment Characteristics
9.3 Ayrshire River Trust – Pre-Development Electrofishing Report
1010.1 Noise Appendices
1111.1 EMI & Aviation Responses
11.2 Telecommunication Remediation
11.3 CEL LED Aviation Obstruction Light
11.4 NATS Radar Concern
1212.1 Dalswinton Economic Assessment

How on Earth do you digest this lot? Well, I don't suggest that you read every section, but there are bound to be sections and appendices of particular interest to you. What I suggest is that you download the documents of interest, and then access the appropriate drawings and figures as required using the drop down selector boxes. If you feel the need to obtain a full copy of the entire EIA, please get in touch via the 'Get in Touch' link at the top of the blog, and I'll see what can be arranged.

Finally, if you are receiving this post via email you'll probably find the drop down lists don't work for you. This is as a result of the code used to 'power' them. If you wish to access the documents listed in the drop down lists and are having trouble with them from within your email client, please visit the blog where you shouldn't encounter any such problems. If anyone encounters ANY OTHER problems with the download links, please let me know via the 'Get in Touch' link at the top of the blog.