Saturday, 17 September 2011

Assel Valley wind farm # 2

Here are links to the documents of the Assel Valley wind farm Environmental Statement. The Environmental Statement is broken done into 240 individual PDFs, which is great for managing download bandwidth but a nightmare to index! Hopefully, I have laid things out so that individual documents, figures and drawings are easily accessible. If you are just looking for a coffee table summary, head over to the Non Technical Summary. If however, you want the detail, then the Chapters 1-17, and Appendices 1-17 should provide what you are looking for.

Some of the image files are quite large. However, if you want to look at them or any other document, please feel free to download whatever you require. My only request is that you try and ensure you do not download multiple copies of the same file - although if you've lost a previously downloaded file, please feel free to re-download it. If you get a document different to that suggested in any of the links, please let me know via the 'Get in Touch' link at the top of the blog; it is entirely possible that despite my best efforts, I may have mis-indexed one or two items.

The layout should be reasonably intuitive although if you are confused by it, please get in touch and I'll do my best to explain.

Non Technical Summary
2Site Selection
3Project Description
4Planning Polcy
6Landscape & Visual Impact Assessment

(NB Figure 6.32 is 74MB)
(NB Figures 6.45, 6.44, 6.43, 6.42, 6.41, 6.40, 6.37, 6.36, 6.32, 6.30 & 6.29 are > 30MB each)
8Terrestrial Ecology
9Cultural Heritage
11Hydrogeology & Hydrology
14Socio Economic Effects
15Electromagnetic Interference
17Shadow Flicker & Icing

1Scoping Response
33-1 Generic Construction Method Statement
3-2 Borrow Pit Report
66-A Cumulative Sites Selection
6-B Sensitivity Analysis
6-C Route Analysis Tables
6-D Cumulative on LCTs
6-E Summary of Residual Effects
7Vantage Point Observations
88-1 Ecology Consultation Responses
8-2 Ecology Desk Study Results
8-3 Habitat & Protected Mammal Survey
8-4 Bat Survey and Assessment Report
8-5 Details & Citations of SSSI’s, SAC’s & Ecological Sites
8-6 Protected Species Survey Target Notes
9Schedule of Cultural Heritage Sites
10Laggan Burn Site Management (SNH)
1111-1 Review of Effects on Surface and Groundwater
11-2 SUDS, Watercourse Crossing, Monitoring Schedule & FRA
1212-1 Access Route Report
12-2 Accident Plot – A714
13Noise and Vibration Report
1515-1 Communications Impact Assessment
15-2 Correspondence from Consultees
1616-1 Aviation Impact Assessment
16-2 - 16-4 Correspondance
17Shadow Flicker Assessment Results
Supplementry Noise & Vibration Statement

How on Earth do you digest this lot? Well, I don't suggest that you read every section, but there are bound to be chapters and appendices of particular interest to you. What I suggest is that you download the chapters and/or appendices of interest, and then access the appropriate drawings and figures as required using the drop down selector boxes. If you feel the need to obtain a full copy of the entire Environmental Assessment, please get in touch via the 'Get in Touch' link at the top of the blog, and I'll see what can be arranged.