Thursday, 22 September 2011

A 1,000 thank yous!

This is just a quick post to mark a milestone. Earlier today, this blog had its 1000th visitor. From a standing start to a 1,000 visits in a little over a month is impressive - in my book anyway, particularly when you consider the focus of this blog is rural South West Scotland. This milestone shows that there are like-minded individuals out there who care enough, or are curious enough to find out what is going on to stop by.

I have 'plans' to continue to enrich the blog by adding new sections and completing the sections that are under construction. My hope is that this blog will continue to be a useful source of reference material for South Carrick and its immediate surroundings as well as Scotland as a whole.

I am continuing to refine the blog template for search engines and this is now starting to pay dividends, as individual posts about specific developments and topics are now being correctly indexed in Google. Additional promotional activities are also underway to increase the number of individuals who are made aware of the existence of this blog.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to stop by - never could have done it without you - and here's to getting to the first 10,000 visits!